And then not so different after all, as we’re staying on the Zone Survival Guide topic. I’d like to point you towards a new addition to the sites:

And before you scream: “Why, oh dear lord, why!?” or possibly “Aren’t you creating a guide for Call of Pripyat?” I can tell you that it is in fact an old addition to the ZSG. The Far Cry 2 survival guide was created about 18-20 months ago, a good while before the ZSG went down.

The site was never really advertised, and the original Zone Survival Guide for Shadow of Chernobyl didn’t inlcude any links to it… so I’m pretty sure it was unknown to the world that the site even existed; and for some strange reason, I couldn’t get it added to Google either – and if Google doesn’t know about a website, no-one does. While not 100% correct, there is alot of truth to this.

Since the Zone Survival Guide was recently brought back to life, I thought I might as well add this one for Far Cry 2 as well… I had already created it, and it was just gathering dust – so why not get it back up and running. I have no idea how big a player base the game has these days, but since alot of people are still playing alot of older games, I guess there’s a chance someone is still playing Far Cry 2.

For those of you who are interested, you can find the Far Cry 2 Survival Guide here:

I’ll probably get it “officially” into the ZSG network soon, but until then it’ll remain hidden here, where no-one will ever find it! 🙂