Wow, have I been looking forward to this moment for a while now: the next chapter in the Zone Survival Guide is finally going public. For the past four weeks or so I’ve been working on a guide for Call of Pripyat, and it’s finally done… well, almost.

You can find the Zone Survival Guide – Call of Pripyat here:

It’s not completely finished – I’ve still got a walkthrough to write, work out some general gameplay tips, and stuff like that… but it’s come a long way, and hopefully it will prove useful to some of you stalkers out there in its current form.

And as always, if you spot any errors, shortcomings or other things that could improve the guide, do not hesitate to leave a comment or get in touch with me. The Zone Survival Guide for Shadow of Chernobyl was far from my work alone – many of you guys sent in suggestions, tips, information and other details that helped me expand that website to a great extend – and I pray you’ll do the same with this one.

A huge thanks to all the guys as the GSC Game World forums for their help, and once again a heartfelt respect goes out to LoboTheMan and Romulous who helped me get the original ZSG up and running again.

Stay tuned for more updates and… some more good news! 🙂