Things are going steadily forward on the Zone Survival Guide: Call of Pripyat. In fact I think the site may be launched sometime next week; don’t count that as a promise though, as I’ve still go through from one end to the other… but so far I think it looks promising. Currently I am polishing a few things here and there, filling in various descriptions and just making sure that everything makes sense… which is sadly not always the case. But I guess that’s what you get when you write stuff in a half-woken state at 6 AM 😉

It’s a great feeling to have come this far; one of the worst frustrations after I just started the site was going in game and just seeing all these things that still weren’t included in the guide… places, people, items, weapons, etc., in a seemingly never-ending stream that constantly kept taunting me. But I’m on the other side of that now so it’s easy to forgive.

Well, I think that’s all I really wanted to say… I haven’t had much time to blog lately, or rather I’ve been more focused on getting the site done. Hopefully once it goes live I will have more stuff to say – I guess the many updates coming after the release will be mentioned here in some form or another, and hopefully I’ll also have a more focused attention which currently is diverted to the site.