I can’t even remember the countless of times where I’ve experienced something really cool in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games – and I’m not talking about all the neat things that are supposed to happen (scripted as part of a mission, for example), no I’m referring to those situations where things just happen because of the non-scripted AI – cool firefights between factions, lone stalkers getting torn to pieces by a pack of dogs, and NPCs running into obvious anomalies 😉

I wish I had taped all those moments – some of them have surely been trivial but probably still fun to watch. However I did once manage to catch something cool on tape – at least I liked it alot; it features a rookie stalker that is leaving the Bar area in ShOC but then being prowled and eventually killed by a merc. Obviously I would have loved to save the poor rookie, but as you probably know, shooting someone – even obvious enemies – in the Bar area means trouble for you. The Duty guys will usually ignore it, but the other stalkers in the area probably won’t. I can just imagine the conversation – from behind cover – I would have with them:

Me: Hey, why are you shooting me?

Them: You shot someone in the Bar territory! Die, scum!

Me: But it was a merc, he was about to gun down your friend!

Them: If only, we could have looted him then… he’s supposed to be carrying some neat stuff!


Anyways, I’ve been meaning to add a videos section to the website for a long time featuring videos with moments like that – the cool, the odd, the… wonderful? Sadly though I haven’t really had time to do it and I guess the real issue is of course having Fraps or a similar recording program running at just the right time when a situation like the one above comes up; even if I did add a videos section for stuff like that, I just don’t have any suitable videos except for the one linked above. Perhaps I should always play with Fraps (or a similar recording program) running in the background, just in case.

But I’m guessing the situation mentioned above is pretty trivial so let me ask you, what are your favorite moments in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.? What has been the coolest, the most cruel, or just the weirdest?