Wow, what a tremendous relief. The Zone Survival Guide just went back online at and it feels good. In fact, I think my brain just released a dozen different chemicals into my body; or perhaps I’m feeling the influence of the Brain Scorcher. Hmm, I sure could go for some brains right now!

Ok, time for me to get a grip. As you may know, the ZSG went offline earlier this year as described in a previous post; I had pretty much let it go by then, but after LoboTheMan got in touch with me, I must admit that I have been anxious about getting the Guide back online. The last week or so has been busy in many ways, so finally seeing the site up and running again sure does feel good.

But it does spark some questions. What now? Where should the ZSG move from here, and what should the focus be? How about starting two more sites for Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat?

Well, to be honest, I’m not sure right now. I think I need to let the chemicals wear off before I do too much thinking, or before I go “New project” in my website editor for that matter.

But I guess I could ask you those questions. What should the Zone Survival Guide be like? What would you like to see?